Alphabet Countdown To The Last Day of Kindergarten (2017 edition)

It has begun!  We are closing in on the end of an amazing school year.

Each year, on the last 26 days of school, we do a letter/theme a day from A all the way to Z on the last day of school.  Everybody on the kindergarten team shares ideas, but we all try to work with the things our kids are really excited about in our own classroom.  For example, I HAD to do "I is for Incredible Inventions" for one special boy in my class who has inspired everyone to become inventors this year (he's also the reason, I have pretty much gone through all my tape stash!...we go through LOTS of tape in inventions).

Here is the line up for this year:

A is for "All About Animals"

We started the alphabet countdown this year on a Wednesday.  The week and a half before that, we had been studying animals, and what they need.  Our "All About Animals" day was a mini research project.  The kids picked a beanie baby sized stuffed animal, and created a habitat for it in a shoebox (or something similar).  They did research on what the animal eats and drinks, and where it sleeps, and other fun facts about their animal.  On Wednesday, we brought all our projects down to the commons, and our 2nd grade buddies, the preschool classes, and a few parents and staff members, went around and let the kindergartners share about their animal.  The kindergartners favorite part is everyone attending the "Pet Show" had post it notes, and wrote specific "feedback" for each child.  They were so excited about their post it notes.  

B is for "Be Our Guest"

I have a lot of Beauty and the Beast fans in my room!  I'm ok with that...I always tell my kids Belle is my FAVORITE princess because she loves to read just like me!

On B day, we had a "fancy" tea party (with tea cakes, and REAL sweet tea), at snack, did lots of Beauty and the Beast themed reading, writing and math, and even got to watch part of the "old" Beauty and the Beast.

C is for Career Day

What do you want to be when you grow up?  I got lots of doctors, nurses, veterinarians, princesses, police officers, teachers, a gymnast, and an army guy.    We did lots of writing today about our chosen careers. :)

D is for Drive Inn Movie Day

Today along with our regular math and reading, we wrote about the characters, setting, problem, and solution from our favorite movie.  We also spent some time first thing in the morning decorating our cars for our drive inn movie.  Most of the kids spent the majority of their day in those boxes, they loved them so much!  The best part of the day was watching the rest of Beauty and The Beast with a popcorn snack at our very own Drive Inn Theater.

Looking for boxes?  These were the perfect size for our kindergartners.   

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