Good Morning Kindergartners!
That is how we start every day in my class.  Our classroom is a busy place.  We play and laugh and sing and read and read and read!
Want to see what our classroom looks like?  I am always changing things, but want to show you some pictures!
Can you tell I like rainbows?

Learning goals and our window to the playground.

Our small group work table where we will do Guided Reading and Math Problem Solving

Our rainbow center charts.

The writing center, and the door to our hallway and lockers.

Bubblegum words and Art Center


A quiet spot to read or work.

Calendar and helpers.

Birthdays and our classroom sink.
Flexible seating!  Choose a place where you work best.  

 In our classroom, many times you will get to choose where to work.  Do you work best when you can wiggle a bit?  When you can stand, or sit on the floor?  In a quiet corner, or at a table with your friends?

Counting Collections

Our work boxes that include magnet boards, workbooks, and whiteboards for Fundations.

More work boxes!

Math bins and ABC bins.

Some of my favorite places for kids to visit on the internet

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