Busy Days

I am ridiculously behind on Blogging!  Been super busy getting ready for presenting at the Florida Kindergarten Teacher Conference on December 6th.  I am presenting 4 sessions:  Number Sense, Morning Meeting, Literacy Centers, and 8 Math Practices for Kindergarten. Spending my day on December 5th watching my good friend Dr. Jean all day. I can't wait!

In the mean time, things are busy in Mrs. B.'s class as well.  Freight Train Bulletin Board
I love the book Freight Train by Donald Crews.  It's a great book for reviewing color words, and one that my kindergartners learn to read right away.  We did lots of fun Freight Train activities on this week.  The kids did a great job with this simple retell/geometry activity.  

Pizza Sight Word Game
I love making dice games.  This is an easy one I did during our pizza week.  You roll the dice, and highlight the word (highlight=cheese on the pizza).  I've played it as a Bingo game as well as an individual "Keep rolling till you are done" game.

Planets and Stars Math
For my CGI math friends, this is a fun Part/Part/Whole Part Unknown activity for early in the year. Circle stickers are planets.  Star stickes are stars.  The problems are all planets +stars= how many all together. 
Included in my Outer Space Unit  
High Tech Listening Center.  :)  This is kind of a sad picture.  I think my cassette player is finally dead.  This was the last week we got to use it, and the last picture I have of it in my Listen to Reading Center.  I love my iPads, my Elmo, and my Mimeo, but sometimes simple is best.  I'll miss you old friend!
This past week we read several versions of the story Stone Soup.  Our culminating activity on Friday was to make our own version of stone soup.  Everone brought in veggies, and we had the crockpot going all day.  Anyone who was brave enough to try our soup got to take home a stone "trophy" that said: "I tried Stone Soup!"  I'm proud to say everyone tried it!  It was yummy!

This next week, (and the 3 days after) we are doing some fun Turkey activities for Thanksgiving.  I'm excited about the fun activities we will be doing.  Here are a few!

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