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We've had such great weather the past few weeks.  It certainly doesn't feel like late October.  It's incredible to me that this is the last week of October already!
We started charting the temperature before we go outside at the 10:30 recess.    Our chart also corresponds to our school "coat" rules.  Green is "Kid's Choice", Yellow is "Long Sleeves", Blue is "Coats", Purpe is "Coats, Hats, Mittens, Snowpants", and Red is below zero "Inside Recess".  Not looking forward to anything below yellow…but I know it's coming!
IMG 1352

Had to take a quick picture of my "Who Am Eye?" hallway board before I take it down this week.  We made a pie chart of our the kid's eye colors.  Making the pie chart is easier than it looks.  I stacked 4 pieces of bulletin board paper: white (for the background circle), blue, brown, and green, then cut a big circle (it's not perfect).  Then I took the white circle out, then cut the other circles in half, then quarters, then "guesstimated" cutting each of the quarters into 5 pieces.  
The kids loved seeing it all put together.  They refer to it often when we are doing our "Name Game" during small groups…so they can get the Name Game person's eye color just right.  :)
I also took pictures of just their eyes.  I love watching parents, students, and other staff members try to figure out who is who.
Finally, I had these cut out "gingerbread" shapes that I had the kids turn into self portraits as a final activity in our "All About Me" unit.  
Here they are all together!
IMG 1349
My Science Center is new this week.  I went to the pumpkin patch about a mile from my house (ok…maybe a couple of miles…I'm bad with estimating distance) and got some Indian corn and a big pumpkin.  Actually, I wanted a littler pumpkin but they only have big ones left.  This made me nervous because Mr. Pumpkin Patch Guy always insists on carrying my purchases to the car for me…and he's not young anymore!  I managed to wrestle it from him today and ran to my car.
We are going to combine Science with some (much needed) fine motor activities this week.  I have tweezers to have the kids take kernals of corn off the cob, and golf tees with wooden mallets for the kids to pound into our pumpkin.  
I finished off our Science Center with some pictures of Nocturnal Animals to hopefully get them talking as we learn about Nocturnal Animals this week in science.
Oh…and "Mr. X" from last year's alphabet countdown is still there.  I keep meaning to move him out to storage or see if someone else in the building wants to use him, but he makes me feel less lonely when I'm working in my room after school.
IMG 1346
Here are a few class charts we made over the past few weeks using our names.  Love how excited they get when they use their names in the classroom to learn literacy skills.
IMG 1355

Ready for another wonderful week Loving Kindergarten!

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