ESGI...Seriously. Just Do It.

Spring Break Has Begun!

The last few weeks have been SO busy... in ways that only kindergarten teachers can truly understand.  :)  The kind of busy that makes me want to be in bed by 8:00 every night, but then leaves me laying awake thinking about all the things I have left to do.

I just finished all of my parent/teacher conferences at 7:30 last night.  I left the building a happy, happy teacher.I have the BEST parents, and my conferences were so much fun!

The getting ready for conferences part is what takes so much time! The amount of time it takes to individually assess 20 + kindergartners on uppercase letters, lowercase letters, letter sounds, sight words, counting to 100, number recognition, patterning, counting by 10's, 2D shapes, 3D shapes, incredible.

Like I tried to explain to one of my non-teacher friends the other day:  it's not like you can give your class a "test" that says "circle all the letters you know".  You have to ask each student "what sound does this letter make?" over and over.  If one of those assessments takes 5 minutes, that's 100+ minutes of classroom time for that assessment alone!  It's SO hard to find that time and still teach!

Several years ago, my team found something that TRULY made it easier.  It was an online assessment tool called ESGI.  Instead of the old school way of assessing...with big 3 ring binders of charts, along with flashcards for each skill, we could instead just pull kids over and assess quickly on our laptops or ipad.
Our favorite things about ESGI :

  • ESGI keeps track of everything they know and I can access that data anywhere.  If I want to work on my report cards at a coffee shop, I don't have to drag anything along other than my laptop.  I can work on report cards in the airport (and I have!).
  •  ESGI shows me who hasn't been assessed recently.  With all the sick kids I had over the past few weeks, that was a lifesaver!  
  •  ESGI gives us SO much information about our data, it helps us immeasurably in our PLC's and when making intervention groups.   
  • ESGI helps us compare this year's class to years before, which has been so valuable as we implement new programs and discuss their effectiveness.  
  • ESGI (with the push of a button) prints out individualized parent letters and easily lets us send home flashcards of the skills each student needs to work on.
  • ESGI makes it easy to create your own assessments using your school's sight words or other skills you need to assess.  
  • The ESGI peeps are the NICEST people you will ever meet.  Just last week, my team mate had an issue with a purchase order, but her subscription was up. She chatted with an ESGI rep for a couple of minutes and they extended her subscription.  They REALLY like teachers.  :)
The picture above was taken by that day's "Class Photographer".  Notice my "crown of invisibility" on my head that makes it possible for me to assess because no one can see me.  :) 

ESGI has an amazing thing happening right now.  If you sign up for a free trial, you can use ESGI for the rest of the school year for FREE!  

Let me say that again:
Get your free trial now and use ESGI

For the rest of the school year for free!

Plenty of time to prove to your administrators how beneficial all that data is to your program. 

Click on the picture below to get you your free trial till the end of August.  Seriously.  Just do it.:

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