The Mitten

Virginia Was Awesome!

Pulled into my driveway last night at exactly midnight after an amazing trip to the SDE Virginia Kindergarten Teacher Conference.  Dragged my suitcase in the door, said hello to Lucy (my Miss Bindergarten look alike) and Paisley (the gorgeous, yet arrogant cat), and planned on crashing right away.  Instead I was up until 3 a.m. reading and planning and organizing all the new ideas I got from the wonderful kindergarten teachers who shared their ideas with me at all my sessions, as well as the incredible-ness of Marsha McGuire from A Differentiated Kindergarten .  She was amazing and made me feel like I'm a total slacker.  :)

We found out we are almost exactly the same age, but she has little kids at home (mine are all grown up!).  We both teach kindergarten full time and present for SDE whenever we can squeeze it in.  She, however finds time to blog, and create, and does the most amazing things in her classroom!  I don't know how she finds the time.  

Yesterday, I sat in all 4 of her sessions, and just soaked it all in while I created some activities to go along with the book "The Mitten".

Have a great week!

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