New Year's Unit

I'm in the middle of those days between Christmas and New Year's Eve where I'm not quite sure what day it is, or what time it is.

In the midst of my stay-up-too-late-sleep-too-late-Netflix-binging days, I updated my New Year unit for the week we go back.

That week, I plan on talking about goal setting, new beginnings, and trying new things...all the things I love about the new year.

When I create a new unit, I am developing small group activities for my small group rotations.  This is our skills practice time of the day when the students are working on skills independently while I am working with my reading group or math group.

When planning my small group activities for literacy I use a modified Daily 5 (but I have control issues) plan.  I plan weekly activities for:

Working with Words

Working on Letters

Working on Writing

Working with Names

Listening to Reading (my reading group)

My math rotations are similar, with activities each week based around the math strands:


Counting and Cardinality (Number Sense)

Patterning and Base 10

Measurement and Data

Operations and Algebraic Thinking (my math group)

For New Year's here is my small group plans:

Can't wait to celebrate the new year with my munchkins!

 TPT Happy New Year Activities

Happy New Year Unit on TPT

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