Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

I've spent this week with an online class with Kristin Doyle of Chalk & Apples learning how to "freshen up" my TPT page and my blog.  I've learned SO much.  Kristin is who designed my blog graphics, and I would highly recommend her to ANYONE who is blogging or TPTing.  She's amazing.

I've learned a lot about the app SnapSeed which is amazing for editing photos, and even more about Canva for creating all kinds of things, including my TPT thumbnail photos.  

I use SwiftPublisher to create most of my materials for my classroom, and LOVE it...but Canva puts things at a whole new level.  It's been a learning experience, and a little bit overwhelming.

Kristin told us to pick one product to update, so I spent the WHOLE day updating my Brown Bear unit, and added a bunch of new stuff to it.  

I love the new look, and feel inspired!  Thanks Kristin!

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