Sensory Stuff!

My room is coming along nicely!  I'll post pictures of it later this weekend.  
One of my goals for the summer was to organize all my sensory tubs.  So many GREAT ideas on Pinterest.  I wanted to make one for every month of school, all ready to go!  I've almost got them all done.  Here are a few pictures:

ABC noodles (dyed with food coloring and rubbing alcohol) along with little ball containers from a Lakeshore game that long ago lost all its pieces.  Little Lakeshore counter people add to the fun!

Some cool new sensory beads I bought from Lakeshore (they are washable!).  along with shells and sea creatures.

Some more cool sensory stuff I bought from Lakeshore.  This one is called "Sensory Noodles" I believe.  They are also washable.  Added some little firetrucks, and firefighters.

Pirate Treasure!  Black aquarium rocks (they are heavy!) along with assorted jewels, "gold" coins, and other treasure.  I added some treasure chests.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!  This is the last of my Lakeshore sensory washable stuff.  To this one I added little plastic bugs, some leftover wooden blocks (Thanks Nicole!), and some bug jars.  I plan on adding some plastic tweezers as soon as I remember where they are stored.  

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