Almost There!

My goal every year this time of year is to have my room completely done by the time we have our actual teacher inservice and work days.  I picture myself sitting at my work table, my perfectly organized, inviting, and engaging room all around me, as I dig into what it is I am actually teaching those first few days.

In reality, I'm usually cleaning old playdough out of cookie cutters, putting the math manipulatives back into their correct containers, and sorting through puzzles with missing pieces up until the very last minute.

This year, though, I moved classrooms, which means I have gone through every last thing in my classroom, thrown out and given away things I no longer use, and found "a place for everything, and everything in it's place"…at least for the most part. I am hoping to actually meet my goal.  We shall see.  

Here are my latest projects:

This is my extra block shelf "stuff".  I have everything labeled and ready!  

photo (33)

My new writing center all set up and ready to go!  The writing center signs and forms are available on my TPT site.  
photo (32)

Ready to keep track of how many rainbow words they know!  Love this!
photo (31)

My birthday wall.

photo (30)

My favorite thing from today!  I got selected to do a teacher review by Leap Frog.  I got this HUGE box of stuff today for my classroom.  Can't wait to get it all set up!


Love every day in kindergarten!

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