What Does The First Day of Kindergarten Look Like?

This was my room when I walked out the door at about 7:30 last night.  There were a bit more scraps on the floor when I left tonight, as well as a pile of buses drying on the drying rack.  Let me tell you about our first day!
We are lucky enough at our school to have a staggered start for our kindergartners, so the first 4 days of school, I only have 10-11 kids.  It helps SO much in teaching the procedures and getting to know them individually, as well as giving everyone the attention they deserve.
At 8:05 this morning, the first bell rang and I led my 10 backpacked (is that a word?) munchkins down the hall from the gym to our classroom as parents looked a bit teary-eyed.  I was so proud of the kids!  There wasn't a single tear in the group.
A few handed me their alphabet letters I sent to them in their welcome letter if they hadn't brought them to the ice cream social.

Our first job of the day was to sign a name ticket and sign up for chocolate or white milk for snack.  Then the went straight to their tables, and spent some time making their T.I.G.E.R. notebooks their own with some awesome Tiger paw stickers while I got everyone settled.  
When everyone was ready, we met on the carpet, and turned on the ELMO document camera.  We spent a little time being amazed at the projected images of hands, pencils, and even silly faces before I showed them their very first Drop in a Bucket sheet.  We completed the sheet all together, then went back to the tables to complete the sheet independently.  
We then met back on the carpet where we read the silly menu:

our first morning message,

 learned about the calendar, did the pledge of allegiance, and solved our very first CGI problem.  We finished up morning meeting by reading Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and singing Turn Around.
From 9-10:15 we did 10 minute rotations around the building and learned all our new PBIS goals for each area of our school:  including the lunchroom, the hallway, the bathrooms, the locker area, and the playground.  It was a lot to take in, but I hope the kids understand what it means to Be Ready, Be Safe, and Be Kind!
At 10:15 we had a quick snack and milk break, then headed outside for our first recess.
At 11:00, they came back in the door, ready to go again!  We met on the carpet and read a really silly book You're So Silly Miss Milly.  
We then had a quick lesson on glue bottles, "lady bug size glue dots", and scissor safety, before we made a school bus using shapes.
FINALLY it was time for centers.  We opened up 6 centers today.  We went through and talked about what it means to be Ready, Be Safe, and Be Kind in the blocks center, the art center, dramatic play, Legos center, table toys, and sensory table.  During centers, everyone made a handprint puzzle with a poem to take home, and I took a first day picture with our first day frame.

We cleaned up centers, and headed to lunch at 12:30.  I picked them up at 1:00 for a short rest time till about 1:30.  Our second recess was from 1:30-1:50.  We came in and got packed up.  Had specials from 2:05-3:00, and then off to the buses!.
What a busy, busy day!


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