The Enormous Watermelon

We have had a very exciting week in kindergarten.  Wednesday was our first day with the whole group!  It went really, really well, and everyone seemed to have a great time.  I think it's going to be a super year!
This week, we read a book called The Enormous Watermelon by Brenda Parkes.  In the story, Old Mother Hubbard, and several other nursery rhyme characters all work together to pull up an ENORMOUS watermelon.  
Not everyone knows nursery rhymes!  The story has "clues" about what character is coming up next.  On one page, you could see a brick wall.  I said "Hmmmm…I wonder who is coming next? It's someone who sits on a WALL (no answer)….and had a great FALL…"  Finally one of my little girls said, "Oh!  I know!  It's that potato guy!".
Close sweetie, Humpty Dumpty kinda looks like a potato.
We made a class chart about other things that are enormous.  I like their answers!

We did lots of other fun activities based on watermelon, nursery rhymes, and the word enormous.  
Tomorrow we are going on a treasure hunt around the school to find all the important places in our school like the office, the nurse, etc.  At the end we are having some yummy (I hope they taste better than they look) watermelon cupcakes with chocolate chip "seeds".  I'm a better teacher than a baker.  :)
Click here for my Enormous Watermelon unit on TPT!

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