Brown Bear, Brown Bear

This week our shared reading book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr..  
That cartoon makes me giggle every single time I read it.  :)

I have a Brown Bear Unit on TPT.  It was one of my first units I posted, and I really need to update it!  I have so much more to add.  There are not enough hours in the day!
Click here for my Brown Bear TPT Unit
I think the favorite activity of the week, so far, has been during my small group math rotation in my "geometry" activity group.  My kids have to remember the colors of the animals in the story, color the animals the correct color, trace the shapes with glue, then sprinkle the corresponding color of sand on the glue.  They have had a lovely (messy) time of it, and had some great discussions about the differences in the shapes.  It's all about the discussion!

We did our first small group CGI problem this week.  It was a JRU problem with Light Sabers.  How fun is that?  They are getting the hang of how to unpack a problem and how to record their thinking.  

While I am working with my small group, the rest of the class is working independently in their small group at other activities (like the shape activity above).  One of the activities is a roll the dice/bingo stamper game.  I was worried about this one!  It's a little early in the year to have them independently take turns, roll the dice, recognize a number, and not make a total mess with the bingo stampers.  I have been really impressed, however!  They have done great.  Teacher tip:  put one slightly bossy little girl in each group in charge, and the game goes well.  :)
We are also really getting the hang of journaling!  This time of year, my expectation is, write the date, draw a picture (careful, colorful, and detailed), and write about it (lots of labeling with beginning sounds.
One of my favorite journal entries for the week.  Don't I look great!

Loving Kindergarten!

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