An apple a day keeps the doctor away!  We had a whole week of apple stuff…I wonder what that will mean?

For our Work on Writing activity we wrote a book about what grows on trees.  We wrote two pages of things that grow on trees, and then made one SILLY page of something that does NOT grow on trees.  Loved their ideas!
The last one says "Kindergarten does not grow on trees"  I like that answer!

Here is our "Work on Letters activy for the week.  They especially liked that I checked their work by singing the alphabet song at them when they were done.

For my math rotations, one of my rotations is for Geometry.  The standard K.G.6 asks us to make put shapes together to make new shapes.  We get lots of practice with that in my classroom, and it's a fun standard to work on.  Here we made an apple with squares and some triangles.  The hardest part (other than getting glue bottles to work) was getting the triangles in the right direction.  I saw right away which kids have trouble with spacial relations.

On Friday, we made applesauce in the crockpot.  It smelled really awesome up and down the kindergarten hall!  I was lucky enough to have a family donate apples from their tree, as well as a mom who volunteered to come in and help the kids cut up apples (and make sure their hands were washed).  Everyone loved their applesauce snack.

Click HERE for a link to my apple stuff on TPT!

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