Elmer The Elephant

We had lots of fun with our Elmer The Elephant week.  We tied it in with "All About Me" and celebrating the ways we are the same, and the ways we are different.
We used tissue paper and liquid starch to make Elmer.  Loved all the color mixing discussions that happened during this activity!

Just a simple shape activity…but everything is more fun with paint.  We added these shape words to our math vocabulary wall this week.

I used this activity for my "Working With Letters" rotation.  It was a BIG favorite.  I wrote all the letters of the alphabet with a white crayon on each of the sheets.  They used watercolors to paint the squares until they found all the letters.  
Love this activity!  We did a "Who Lives at My House" glyph this week.  Blue=Boys, Red=Girls, and Yellow=Pets.  

Click for my Elmer unit on TPT!

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