Florida SDE Conference

Taking it easy on my Christmas Break!  It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I ended up going into the ER and had gallbladder surgery the next day.  I was released from the hospital on Monday, and flew out to speak at the SDE Florida Kindergarten Teacher conference on early Wednesday morning.  Thank goodness for pain pills and my amazing 15 year old Maddie (who hauled my HUGE suitcase full of kindergarten junk all over 2 airports).  
The people in Florida were seriously the nicest people I have ever met, and I even through my pain pill fog I had an amazing time.  
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The room I presented in was HUGE.  I spent the first day of the conference watchingDr. Jean (my B.F.F) present in the same room.  I think I have watched her present about a dozen times, but I learn something new every from her every time!  My advice:  Never ever pass up an opportunity to go see her. :)
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The sign outside my door on Thursday.  Still makes me giggle to see it.

I've heard from so many people since the conference!  The most often asked question is about the "Talk Blocks" I use with my geometry small groups.  I record step by step directions for the small group on these recordable blocks…with the numbers 1-5 on them.  
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For the pizza activity I recorded the directions on 1:  "find the big brown square, cut the corners off, then trim the edges to make a circle for the crust."  
After a lot of searching, I finally found a link for the boxes on Amazon!  I think we were all looking for them under the name "talk box" instead of "talk blocks".  Here is the link:Talk Blocks

To my wonderful new Florida friends that were trying so hard to help me find a way to get Maddie to the beach…we made it!  It was an amazing trip all the way around!
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