Goopity Goop

Sometimes I think my many years of working daycare all through high school and college were a million times more valuable to my day to day teaching than my degree, my Masters, my NBCT certification and all the PD I’ve had since…combined!  Some of my old favorites that I loved to do in daycare those many years ago, I use today.
I’m pulling every trick out of the book this week with all the indoor recesses.
Broke out an old favorite this week.  We’ve called it many things through the years, slime, goop, silly putty, but my favorite by far (and what I’ve decided to forever call it) is the name last year’s class gave it: GOOP-ITY GOOP!
If you haven’t ever made it for your class, it’s a fun, messy, awesome sensory experience that you really need to try.  There are lots of recipes out there, but this one always works for me.
I put about 2 parts elmer’s glue (I used the 1/2 full glue bottles that no matter how much I have picked and poked at the, they just won’t work this time of the year) and one part liquid starch.  You can buy liquid starch in the laundry department at the grocery store or Walmart.  You can also get it on Amazon.  It looks like this (ciick on the picture for a link to Amazon):
Dump them in a bowl and mix it with your hands.  If it looks stringy and starting to separate, you need to add more glue, if it is too sticky, and sticking to your hands, add more starch.  I always a little puddle of starch on the table at each child’s spot…to keep it from sticking.  This time, I added a bit of blue food coloring and glitter “It’s like Frozen, Mrs. B.!"
My favorite thing to do with Goop-ity Goop is to add straws.  I LOVE how excited they get when they figure out how to put a little goop on the end of the straw and blow HUGE bubbles.  
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