100 Days Awesome

We will be celebrating our 100th day of school this week!  The year is going by so quickly.  I love looking back and seeing just how far we have all come.
One of my favorite things to start after the 100th day is “Infinity Journals”.  It’s a lot like “scrolling” from Math Their Way, but easier to store and add to for me.
On the 100th day, I challenge each of my kids to be able to write all the numbers to 100 on a 100 grid.  If they do it, they get their very own Infinity Journal.  After making it to 100, they can have a new grid and get to 200, then 300.  Each time they finish a page, they ask me to check it, and I give them a new sheet.
I use it as a transition activity that the kids can choose to do when they finish their other work instead of learning bins or counting jars.  It’s funny how motivated some kids (especially my really competitive ones) are with seeing how far they can go.  I’ve had kids get past 2000 by the end of they year, and BEG me to let them take it home to work on over the weekends.  What an awesome number sense activity this has been in my classroom.  Best activity ever for working on handwriting, place value, and understanding number patterns.  Can’t wait to start it this week!
Click here for a copy of the 100 grid I use in my Infinity Journals.

My high school BFF has a daughter that is a first year kindergarten teacher this year.  She emailed me and asked me for some 100 day ideas.  I went into my file, and realized my 100 day stuff just wasn’t that exciting.  I created some new activities for my class (and for Abby!).
My 100th day unit comes right in the middle of a 3 week unit I am doing on Fairy Tales called “Asleep For 100 Years”.  We’ve read several versions of Sleeping Beauty this past week.  I created this writing page to go along with that theme and the 100 day theme.  We are taking pictures of the kids “sleeping”, to add to the page, but you could easily have the kids draw themselves instead.
My kids LOVE timers.  I’ve learned that if you add a timer to any activity, it adds to the fun!  We are going to see how many times my munchkins can write their names in 100 seconds.
Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 6.23.52 PM
I’ve seen lots of fun 100 day graphs on pinterest.  I had a great time creating one for my group.
Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 6.22.17 PM
This is a game I’ve been playing for the 100th day for a long time.  Roll a dice, cross out that many numbers until you make it to 100.  We are going to use brand new smelly markers just to make it even more awesome!
Here is a link to my entire 100 day unit on TPT.  
Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 6.45.59 PM

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