For Myles' Kindergarten Teacher

I took a little time off from my frantic days of getting things ready for my classroom to spend some time with my family this weekend. That’s me right in the middle, with my dad and stepmom in front of me, and my brother and sister on either side of me, and all the rest of the kids, and stepkids, and wives, and boyfriends …posing in front of a backyard cornfield (because thats how we roll in Iowa, I guess).  We laughed, and sat around a fire, and ate, and drank, and even cried a little.  It was so much fun.
They are a CRAZY bunch…scratch that WE are a crazy bunch, but they are amazing, they love me, they are proud of me, and I know they are always, always there for me no matter what life brings.
But this post isn’t about me, or the rest of my amazing family.  This one is specifically about that cute little boy in the red “cars” crocks, sitting right there in on the front of the picture, on his Papa’s lap.  His name is Myles, and in just a few weeks, he will start his first day of kindergarten.
Since my visit, I just can’t quit thinking about Myles, and his first day.  His mom and dad (they are the couple on the far right) are nervous.  They asked me questions about the first day, about "shared supplies vs. community supplies", about why in the world he would need SIXTEEN glue sticks, about how long they should stay the first day.  About what to do if he cries….or if mom cries.  I gave them my “kindergarten” opinion, but all I was thinking as we talked was how very much I want this transition to be WONDERFUL for him, and for them.
As I drove home, I started entertaining the idea of contacting Myles’ teacher.  I just couldn’t shake the thought of how I REALLY needed her to know how special this little boy is.  How loved he is.  How lucky she is that she gets to be his teacher.  If I could talk to her, here is what I would tell her:
Myles is shy sometimes, especially at first, in new situations. But when he smiles, he smiles with his whole heart, and when he giggles…you can’t help but giggle along too.  Work for that giggle.  It will be worth it.
He is not always nice to his baby sister.  He lays on HER blanket, puts his feet in her face, and sits on her often…but he’s also fiercely protective.  We played chasing games all afternoon, and no matter how much he was giggling (as I almost caught them), he always made sure he pulled her right along with him. He’s going to be a great leader in your classroom if you can develop that protective streak.
He’s very sensitive.  The world can be overwhelming for Myles at times.  He likes quiet moments, and the world is not always a quiet place.  He doesn’t like transitions…big or little…and he loves routines and knowing what comes next.  He’s also all boy!  He spent a good 1/2 hour with his neighbor buddy, just spraying the road while laughing and high fiving each other  as the cars that drove through the puddles.  Make sure he has quiet times.  Make sure he is prepared for transitions.  Please make sure he gets plenty of time to play.
Myles has an amazing family.  His mom and dad are the hardest working, kindest, funniest people I know.  Make sure you get to know them.  
I want his teacher to know all those things.  I also want her to know that he is very, very special, and very, very loved by  many. I so hope his first day is full of giggles, and wonder, and friends, and he comes home knowing that school is a place he belongs, and that his teacher is someone that sees just how special he is.
And as I woke up this morning, I decided I can’t really contact his teacher….I mean, seriously, I really am not THAT crazy!  But what I can do, is remember that in a couple short weeks, I have 21 little people walking in to my classroom….and all of them are shy sometimes, and giggly sometimes, they are naughty, and protective, sensitive, and playful.  I need to work really, really hard to find out exactly how special they are.
Have a great first day, Myles.  I love you.  I can’t wait to hear ALL about it.

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