Sit Spots

Ok, this is totally not one of those “talk about us on your blog and you’ll get free stuff” posts….I absolutely paid for these out of my own pocket…and WOW, they are they best thing ever!
For years my custodian has been cursing me under his breath about the duct tape, labels, packing tape, and every other things I’ve used to make a line up place on my carpet.  I was constantly replacing tape, and hiding from the custodian.

Recently I happened upon this AWESOME (and oh so simple) product from

It’s just velcro, but it really sticks.  My custodian can vacuum right over it!  I’ve had them for over a month, and haven’t had a single one move.  It has Gary the custodian’s stamp of approval (notice the sand and dinosaurs in the sensory table…that not so much).  

I actually bought from a couple of different color themes, because I HAD to have rainbow order (it’s a sickness).  
They have tiger paws, and frogs, and smiley faces, and “tape”, in lots of different colors.  LOVE this product!

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