Rainbow Math and Literacy Activities

Anyone who knows me (or has been in my classroom) knows I have a complete rainbow obsession.  I love things to be in rainbow order!  This rainbow unit is one of my favorites I've created.  We had so much fun this week!  These are some of the activities I put in my math and literacy small group rotations.  The kids did all of these activities independently so I could work with my small group.

We've been working hard on that 100's chart, and recognizing numbers.  We played this game like BINGO.  I chose a "teacher" for each group as they played it.  He or she pulled out the coins, called the number, and everyone colored it with a "gold" crayon.  They were so excited to see the pattern reveal itself.

We practiced writing all the color words, then made TWO rainbows with this activity.  The "flip book" one I hung on our bulletin board, and the other they got to take home that day.  No scraps to throw away from this one!

When I first created this activity for my measurement rotation, I thought it would be WAY too hard for kindergartners to complete on their own.  Every child in my class did it easily.  I have such a smart group.  

This looked like a lot of work when I passed out the papers, but it was fun seeing them start to figure out the pattern.  

Here's a link to my rainbow races freebie!  I made dice with a wooden cube for each player and wrote color words on each side.  The kids rolled the dice, and wrote the word in the correct column.  Lots of excitement about which color was winning.

Here is my whole TPT unit with all the activities (and a few more)!  Happy rainbow-ing!  :)

Rainbow Math and Literacy Activities

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