Kindergarten Classroom Stage

I was just thinking I never actually posted pictures of my finished classroom stage!  I fell in love with a picture on Pinterest of a classroom stage, and begged Christopher to make me one like it.  He did it even better...because the tall side pieces are storage.  Anyone that knows me knows how much I need more storage in my classroom!  I'll start the year with a place to shove all the school supplies, kleenexes and Clorox wipes parents bring in on Meet the Teacher Night!

This is what I saw on pinterest: 

And this is what Chris made!

The kids can reach the whiteboard easily, I sit on the tall edge to get out of the way when teaching with my slides, but sit on the lower one to read to students.  The kids LOVE to get a clipboard and sit or lie on the stage to do their work.  It's my new favorite space in my classroom.

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