Kindergarten Rainbow Classroom Reveal

It's starting to come together!  I love rearranging my classroom for the beginning of the year.  It's all about solving problems I ran into last year, and incorporating all the new ideas I've learned over the summer!

Problem last year:  I had this rainbow storage shelf over my lego table.  It also happened to be in the path where my kids lined up.  Without thinking they would "hang" on it, and a couple of the bars were cracked.  Trying this new spot!  The two shelves on the side hold crayons and markers.
Love, love, love my stage!  It is also storage!  The two tall parts of the stage are on hinges and have a ton of storage space in them.  I finally have a place to shove all those wipes, kleenex boxes, baggies, and extra supplies parents bring me!
My small group corner.  Getting it all organized for my Science of Reading small groups I've been working on all summer.
Trying something new with my calendar time this year.  Making it more like a timeline.  It has all the birthdays, early out days, and holidays already in.
This is kinda messy, but shows off my flexible seating storage and the "tall" seats that are a favorite.
I love chalkboards.  :)
My new loft is actually a bunkbed off amazon.
I'm doing so much more with playdoh this year after an amazing session from the online Elevate Conference sessions this summer!
Yup.  I have a rainbow order problem.  I admit it.  I embrace it.
Moved my art center this year.  Still have some organizing to do.
My writing center.  Waiting for all the "Family Word Page" posters my kids will bring in!
Lots of name game activities for the beginning of the year.

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